About Us
D.C. Herring Company

D.C. Herring Company has been a major supplier of engineered cellular elastomer
products since 1959.

Whether your needs are Neoprene, EPDM, Vinyl/Nitrile or a combination of both we
can assist in the development process. D.C. Herring Company has an extensive
history in the design and development of a wide range of applications and targets.
Based on your needs, D.C. Herring Company can provide estimates for cost and
scheduling that are an industry leader.
Company History

DREW HERRING - President

During the summers of the mid 60’s, Drew received valuable experience and
knowledge in cellular rubber by interning at Monmouth Rubber Company, traveling
to the D.C. Herring’s corporate New York office and visiting the Rubatex factories in
Virginia.  After graduating college in 1970, Drew was hired by his father to continue
the family’s business relationship with Rubatex Corporation.  In 1995, D.C. Herring
Company’s relationship with Rubatex ended when Rubatex came under new
management. In 1996, while visiting the Armacell factory in Mebane, NC., Drew and
his vice president, Tom Pedrazzo, proposed an idea to run a high density
vinyl/nitrile from their standard insulation products and within 6 months  continuous
cure roll stocks were on the market generating a whole new market for both
companies.  Under Drew, D.C. Herring Company has experienced strong growth
and has continued to expand its business by obtaining contracts worldwide.

TOM PEDRAZZO – Vice President of Operations

After 17 years as the regional director of Litton Industries, Monroe Corporation
division, Tom came to D.C. Herring Company to bring his expertise in operations.  
Tom’s contribution to D.C. Herring Company has been immeasurable as he
brought with him his unique ability for troubleshooting and knowledge for the
technical side of manufacturing.  As Vice President of Operations, he is
responsible for the day to day manufacturing of D.C. Herring Co.


In 1942 after working for Atlas Corporation in New York City, Daniel transferred to
Virginia Rubatex  in Bedford, Virginia where he served as purchasing agent.   He
remained in Bedford until the end of WWII in 1945.  Dan was then promoted as
Rubatex Corporation’s first salesman in charge of the Northeast territory.  In 1963,
he founded the Monmouth Rubber Company in Long Branch, New Jersey with the
help of  his employee, John M Bonforte.  Monmouth Rubber Company’s primary
function was to serve as a major regional fabricator for Rubatex products.  In 1969,
Dan sold his shares of Monmouth Rubber in order to focus on sales for Rubatex
Corporation.   In 1970, he employed his son, Drew, to help expand his business.  
Dan retired in 1978 with more than 35 years of expertise in both manufacturing and
sales of cellular rubber products.